NEW! Natural Freshwater Pearl Necklace.
NEW! Natural Freshwater Pearl Necklace.
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NEW! Natural Freshwater Pearl Necklace.

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Cultured Freshwater pearls from China present a rainbow of beautiful natural colors, and an incredible  unique shape,  that range from free form baroques to perfect rounds. Freshwater pearls are farmed in natural and man-made freshwater lakes and ponds in China. 

  • GOOD TO KNOW:   MOST cultured Freshwater pearls are “tissue-nucleated” meaning that a small, 1.0mm square piece of donor mantle tissue is used as the nuclei to begin pearl cultivation inside the mussel. As the pearl grows, the donor tissue degrades, leaving a pearl that is nearly 100% solid crystalline nacre. This means that Freshwater pearls are VERY durable!

Dimension 15'-17'

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